Termite Control

Why should you consider a termite maintenance plan?

Termite control

In Louisiana termites pose a constant threat to homes and buildings. Sometimes the infestation is clearly visible, in other cases the damages might be hidden inside walls, ceilings, roofs and floors. Overall termites can become an expense to eliminate and additional cost to repair. Termites can also reduce the property’s value, their infestation can prevent or delay property transactions, and their destruction is never covered by standard property insurance


What are some indications or conditions you may have termites?

How can we help to establish a termite maintenance plan?

Inspector 12 offers free termite estimates that includes a pre-written analysis concerning termites in your home. By carefully examining your property and utilizing modern technology such as infrared camera imaging and a CO2 termite detecting device we are able to identify visible and non visible termites, along with its source. We provide a complete observation report that can help decide the best course of action and methods to establish a sound termite maintenance plan.

For more information about termite detection systems (TDS) see: http://www.termitedetector.com/description.cfm

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