Termite Certificates (WDIR)

What is a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR)?

Termite Certificates

Commonly referred to as a “Termite Certificate”, a W.D.I.R is an inspection performed by a licensed termite professional to determine if a property has any indication of wood destroying insects that may have caused damages or compromised the value of the structure. Wood destroying insects are not limited to just termites. Other insects may include powder post beetles, wood boring type insects, carpenter ants, and in some states wood destroying organisms (WDO) are additional damaging variables.

Wood destroying insect development and their damages often occur in areas that are best identified by a termite professional. Based on the termite inspector’s observation, the information documented is a formal and legal means to petition the seller concerning possible treatments or repairs needed before purchasing the property. For most lending institutions, a W.D.I.R is mandatory in order to receive financing. Without a W.D.I.R the possibility of any termite damages occurring will be the sole responsibility of the buyer along with cost for treatment and repairs.


Inspector 12 is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry to perform W.D.I.R. inspections. Unlike standard companies performing a flashlight and visual inspection, we have the ability to perform inspections that yield more information in order to provide a more accurate report. By utilizing inferred technology, CO2 termite detectors, video scopes, and wall inspection meters, we are able to visualize activity that may be hidden or beyond the naked eye. Also, as a valued customer Inspector 12 will discount 100% of the W.D.I.R fee toward a termite treatment for the same property inspected within 90 days of the inspection dates.

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