Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality

Consider having the air ducts in your home cleaned if:

  • There is substantial visible contamination growth inside hard surface (e.g., sheet metal) ducts or on other components of your heating and cooling system;
  • Ducts are infested with vermin, e.g. (rodents or insects);
  • Ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris and/or particles are actually released into the home from your supply registers;
  • Constant dusting and dust debris found on ceiling fans and furniture.

If any of the conditions identified above exists, it usually suggests one or more underlying causes. Prior to any cleaning, retrofitting, or replacing of your ducts, the cause or causes must be corrected or else the problem will likely recur.


Air Duct Cleaning and Contamination Prevention

Indoor pollution sources that release gases or particles into the air are the primary cause of indoor air quality problems. Some of the key conditions we have encountered that initiated these gases or particles indoors are inadequate ventilation, contaminated HVAC coils, compromised or leaking air ducts, contamination growth, condensation development, and water leaks. Combined with high temperature and humidity levels, the indoor air quality can become compromised and cause increased concentrations of some pollutants and produce multiple health threats.

How can we help clean or remove air duct contamination?

Inspector 12 will perform a complete analysis of your air duct system identify sources that may contribute to the compromise of your indoor air quality. Upon identifying the problem’s source we can provide a strategic plan designed to meet your specific needs.

Call to schedule an appointment today and receive our thorough inspection check list, estimate, and observation report of conditions that usually contribute to compromised air ducts.

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