Pest Control

What is Pest Management?

Pest Control

Pest management includes a wide range of programs or methods addressing human health, environmental and economic issues related to the management of pest populations through a variety of science based technologies or common alternatives.

What are some risks of self pest management?

  • Over exposure of residual pesticides indoors
  • Chemical Safety Procedures and Labels (Warning-Danger-Caution-Poison)
  • Choosing the proper application or method
  • Repeat OTC (over the counter) purchases $$$

How Can We Help Manage Pest?

Inspector 12 provides targeted pest management for all your insect and pest management needs. Our service technicians are state certified and trained to resolve any pest problem with the highest regard for safety, human and animal health, and environmental concerns. We offer an array of pest management techniques such as insecticides, baiting, exclusion services, sanitizing, and mechanical installations to safely manage problematic pests.


Our services include the following:

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