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Why get a mold analysis?

Mold Remediator

It is important to control unhealthy mold development indoors, especially when certain types of mold can be harmful to your health. More importantly it is just as important to identify the sources that may have caused a mold problem from the start.

Remediation of mold or any other contaminants always require a strategic plan of action. By utilizing our professional certified mold services, we can help identify mold and its sources that are not easily recognized.

Inspector 12 can assess or remediate contamination for both residential and commercial properties. We also provide mold inspection reports for bank transactions, parish ordinances, buyers 10 day inspection period, and legal litigations.

What are some risks if I remove mold myself?

  • Cross contamination can be a factor when improperly removing compromised building materials. Mold spores can become airborne and travel to other areas if not properly contained.
  • Potential exposure to toxic mold, chemicals, and demolition particles.
  • Using over-the-counter (OTC) products (i.e., Bleach, detergents, soap, or primer) may not resolve ALL types of mold problems successfully.
  • The inability to identify all mold sources to avoid re-development.

How can Inspector 12 help resolve your mold problem?

Inspector 12 utilizes the most modern technology such as: Infrared camera imaging, protimeter, borascopes, and moisture meters to detect sources that may have caused mold. Based on our evaluation we can provide a written Service Management Plan (SMP) describing the remedial process. Our SMP supports our estimate cost, identify realistic timelines, notes change order possibilities and identifies physical, mechanical and safety methodologies.

Inspector 12 can also perform pre or post mold testing in your home or business to accurately identify visible or non-visible indoor air quality threats.

Note: Louisiana laws does not permit a company to perform remediation AND post (clearance) testing on the same structure, it’s a conflict of interest!

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Inspector 12 is licensed by the LA State Board of Contractors and is certified in mold remediation and mold inspection services.

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