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Molds are everywhere, inside and outside, and mold spores are common in every household. They become a problem when there is more than the normal quantity of mold spores in the air.

These mold spores can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Some molds also produce mycotoxins – toxic substances – which can lead to neurological problems.

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How do molds grow?

Molds need water and food to grow. Materials like drywall, plywood and carpet are excellent food for mold. The humid climate of Louisiana on it’s own already provides very good conditions for mold growth, but the flooding after Katrina did even more damage.

How to detect mold?

Most mold problems are recognized by visible fungus growth or by a moldy odor. To get an exact analysis of how big the problem is you will need to consult an expert. Inspector 12 uses modern technology like infrared camera imaging, protimeter, borascopes, Anderson air sample system and moisture meters to accurately analyze your building. We can test the mold spore count in your home or business, classify the types of airborne particles captured and supply an AIHA accredited laboratory analysis report.

How to get rid of mold?

Many homeowners and contractors think that they can clean up the mold by using bleach, soap or pressure washing. In all methods more water is added – the initiating factor for mold development – and soap itself is just a nutrient for molds. To seriously get rid of your mold problems you need a professional. We at Inspector 12 have the knowledge and experience to clean up your mold problems. Mold removing techniques used by Inspector 12:

Mold remediation Modl remediation


Mold containment

Mold containment

Mold Containment

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