Termite Prevention

To prevent termite infestations it is necessary to understand how termites enter a building.

Through Foundation

Termite Entrance Slab Termite Entrance Crawl Space Termite Entrance Basement

Through cracks and openings

Damaged Weatherboards Damaged Overhang
Damaged weatherboards Damaged overhang

Openings in the outside of the building provide easy access for termites. Also the incoming rain softens and rots the wood, thereby providing perfect food for termites.

Favorable conditions

Leaking gutter Rotting wood

Leaking gutters provide an abundance of water around the lining of the foundation. This enhances the rotting of all organic material present, thereby providing good food for termites. Also storage of (rotting) construction wood, or firewood alongside the house is like inviting termites to come in.

Preventive measurements

  • Do not store any wood alongside the house;
  • Do not grow any plants or trees alongside the house;
  • Repair leaking gutters and faucets;
  • Repair any damaged or rotten weatherboards;
  • Clean up organic matter (leaves, mulch, etc.) around the house.

Identification of termites

King and Queen Winged reproductives Soldier
King & Queen Winged reproductives Soldier
Nymph Worker Supplementary Reproductive
Nymph Worker Supplementary reproductive

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